Reading aloud and conversations are two ways to effectively teach language arts to preschool aged children.

Reading aloud in class can be a great way to learn about language and the natural inflections we put on words when we are reading. Children learn what your tone of voice would be for a sentence involving a question, or a sentence that has an exclamation mark. You can raise your voice for something funny, or speak lower and slower for a suspenseful section. Also stop just before something happens in the book and ask the children what THEY think is going to happen next.

One of our funding sponsors and friends, Align Local, reminds us that simply engaging in conversation with our children can have an impact. Children ask many questions because they are curious about their world and how it works. Carve out time during the day to have a conversation with them, place an object on the table and ask them questions about it.


Language Arts in Preschool