The problem with school, according to most kids, is that it can be so boring. You sit in a classroom all day and a teacher lectures from the front of the room. When you are in high school especially, they expect you to pick a book from a list, read it on your time and then write an essay on the book to either present in front of the class, or simply turn in.

Some kids struggle with an assignment like that, if they don’t do well reading at home, or there are too many extracurricular activities that they are committed to. They have a hard time finding time to read on their own.

Why not choose a book and break it down into groups in class? Kids can get into groups of 3 or 4, and everyone has a part to contribute to. The important thing is if someone doesn’t do their part, there has to be a recourse for just that person, not the whole group. So there has to be an incentive for the kids to do their part. Maybe they could

Or the teacher could pick a book out of the plethora of choices available and break up the book into small sections. He or she would then have the class divided into small groups and have them read the scenes they are given in a certain amount of time, and then they have to act it out in class. Make it interesting, get the students up and moving around; have them collaborate and debate on the parts of the book that are controversial or they have questions on.

The best part is that they can find similarities between the book and their own lives; make it personal for them, how would they feel if the same situation described in the book happened to them? Or what would they do if what happened to the character happened to them?

There are so many ways to make English class fun, it’s a matter of motivating the students, engaging them and helping them to enjoy reading!

Making English Class Fun!