I have a deep love of books that started when I was very young. I learned how to read when I was around 6 years old and I loved how easy it was to get lost in a book. I had the unique opportunity to explore the moon with a young hero, whether it be a child or a mouse. Or snorkeling in the azure blue Caribbean Sea with beautiful, multi-colored fish swimming all around me and dolphins jumping out of the water in a dance with each other. One of my good friends who has an SEO company in Brighton Mi shares my love of books and reading.

Now that I am a Mom, as well as having my own books to read, I read to my children. They share my love for reading, and we have borrowed many books from the library on a wide variety of topics that allows us to go just about anywhere in the world without even leaving our house!

During the summers, we like to participate in Summer Reading Programs through our local library. They offer incentives if you read so many hours during the summer, or how many books you read. They have fun teams you can join and offer many activities during the summer that promotes the program and especially reading. I know that our friends at Align Local love the summer time reading clubs too, we have had a great time discussing books of all kinds!

Summer Reading