In elementary school, language arts are introduced to students as young as preschool. There are 5 basic categories that teachers work with children on: Reading, writing, speaking, viewing and listening. Basic skills in reading and writing are achieved in these years, as well as beginning to improve vocabulary and communication skills. They also read silently to themselves to gain comprehension on their own and then write about what they have read.

In middle school, English classes expands and focuses on more advanced reading comprehension and includes works of fiction, poetry and essays. Grammar is also very important as students are now asked to write expository essays, and creative writing. Students are expected to have a broader knowledge of vocabulary and should be proficient in the 5 basic skills listed above.

In high school, English is further expanded to develop analytical skills. Students should be able to read a form of literature, such as a work of fiction or non-fiction and be able to analyze, interpret, and dissect what they have read in order to discuss elements like theme, character and plot. Proficient writing is necessary at this age because the classes focus more on research papers and essays, and the 5 basic skills are very important to be able to understand literature and its value.

English is essential for college preparation and all careers.

The focus of Language Arts